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STS PayOne ezGov is a fully certified Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) solution that enables governments and ministries of finance to automate, unify and simplify their fees calculation and collection process. In certain cases where governments and finance ministries offer more than one type of fee, for example local and federal, STS PayOne ezGov seamlessly segregates the transaction to better facilitate the procedure. Alternatively, the service saves time and effort for individuals by allowing them to review and settle their government payments, including utility bills, traffic fines and income taxes, among others, via their mobile phones, online platforms, points of sale (POS) or customer service units.


Ultimately, STS PayOne ezGov provides public entities and individuals alike with the option to utilize a wider range of payment channels and to carry out detailed customizations if desired. This ensures optimum convenience for the end user, in addition to easier cash management and revenue collection monitoring for the governments and ministries of finance. STS PayOne ezGov can be provided as a fully hosted solution at STS PayOne data centers situated in either Amman-Jordan or Dubai-UAE, or as a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) project at the data centers located within or selected by the governments and ministries of finance.

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