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Today, online payment solutions are mainly limited to credit card acceptance, although debit cards are associated with considerably higher market penetration, less acquiring fees and less risk of fraudulent chargebacks/ disputes.

STS PayOne spent extensive efforts in establishing direct connectivity to a number of domestic schemes in the Middle East region, starting with Qatar, UAE, Jordan and KSA, and invested in achieving compliance with the security requirements of such schemes by supporting online PIN entry as well as One-time-Password and tokens.

SmartRoute Diagram

PayOne SmartRoute is uniquely positioned to offer seamless connectivity to domestic card schemes in the region and international credit card payment gateways alike, bringing the following advantages for merchants:

  • Cost Reduction

    by connecting to the domestic schemes, merchant will make significant savings, as the cost of accepting domestic debit cards is often lower than cost of accepting credit cards.

  • Expanded customer base

    new customers (debit card holders) will be able to pay online, noting that penetration of debit cards in the region is by far higher than penetration of credit cards.

  • Enhanced Security

    domestic schemes apply high security, authentication and non-repudiation techniques like PIN, OTP, tokens, etc. PayOne SmartRoute being compatible with all of the above means less fraudulent chargebacks (less losses), and more legitimate sales transactions. Also PayOne SmartRoute is able to reduce merchant’s exposure to PCI-DSS compliance, by taking over card capturing screens.

  • User Convenience

    The system is intelligently able to detect the card type and route the transaction to the desired payment gateway without requiring any intervention from the user.

  • Integration Convenience

    only a single, one-time integration effort with PayOne SmartRoute will be required to establish immediate connectivity to all current and future schemes and payment gateways enabled on SmartRoute network, where minimal changes could be required on merchant website for future nonstandard gateways.

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