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PayOne Gateway is an unrivaled transaction processing solution that authorizes multiple payment methods via different payment channels. This Gateway allows acquirers, aggregators, payment service providers and merchants to benefit from a secure and seamless automated cycle . This ensures that merchant and acquirer data remains consolidated via a unified system regardless of the payment method or channel.

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Integration Convenience

With different levels of control over user experience, PayOne simple and secure one-time integration enables merchants to accept credit cards in addition to several domestic payment methods. This includes native mobile application integration SDKs and familiar e-commerce plugins.

User Convenience

PayOne payment screen automatically detects the card type and routes the transaction to the most convenient and least expensive back end without requiring any intervention from the user.

Tokenization\ Customers Profiling

PayOne can store customer card details on behalf of the merchant and utilize tokenization technology to enable a “one-click payment” user experience that is 100% controlled by the merchant without being liable for PCI compliance overhead.